Are you tired of searching for innovative ways to host your child’s birthday party? Or need something that will help bring the ultimate party experience to all your friends and family members. L.A. GAME ROCK brings the best mobile party entertainment right to your doorstep. Our high-tech rolling birthday video game truck Orange County has plenty of consoles, controllers, and T.V. Your kids can now experience the most advanced, fun, and comfortable mobile video gaming experience.

Step Into Our Gaming Trucks & Get Ready to Celebrate

Game Truck Party

Our spacious video gaming trucks feature a stylish interior and are the most famous amongst our younger guests. If your kid is planning his birthday party and wants to know what features our luxurious party trucks contain, it’s time you continue reading the blog below.

1. Indoor and Outdoor Gaming Stations

Our prominent birthday video game truck speaks for itself with comfortable and flexible design seating, various games and consoles, and outstanding indoor and outdoor gaming stations. If you want to throw an unforgettable birthday party and are looking for a unique and thrilling party idea, our high-tech virtual reality gaming trucks can be the perfect fit for you. Although our outdoor stations are weather dependent, we will help you make your kid’s birthday party a massive success with the best consoles and greatest video games.

2. Fully Upgraded Climate Control

Regardless of how harsh the weather turns outside, our limousine-styled relaxing and high-tech feature trucks will provide you with year-round climate control facilities and comfort. Our modern-day game theaters are fully climate controlled, and stadium seating ensures that our guests always feel at ease. We also offer the latest gaming consoles to help magically transform your ultimate video gaming experience. Our sound and robust audio systems set us apart and can help make your birthday party a huge hit. 

3. Best Video Games, From Dance Games to Sports

Our top-notch birthday party truck rentals are equipped with high-definition T.V. screens, catered specifically so your kids and their friends can best enjoy all the engaging and popular sports and dancing games. No matter how many guests your kid wants to invite, our wireless gaming controllers and latest gaming systems will ensure that their birthday party runs hassle-free and smoothly. Some exclusive video game libraries will assist all the inside, and outdoor players find the best games per their wish.

4. Combat titles

We have got all the appropriate sports, action, dance parties, role-playing games, and combat titles for kids of all ages. If you are ready to experience the action-packed combat fun and get entertained for hours, it’s time you join hands with our birthday video game truck and win all the combat titles without any hassle. Your kids can now engage in various video gaming competitions and throw a marvelous birthday party for years to remember.

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Contact L.A. GAME ROCK if you are looking for an incredible game truck equipped with online and virtual reality gaming and the most effective gaming consoles. Other high-tech features include Laser and neon lighting and a popular and massive assortment of games with comfortable and climate-controlled stadium seating. All these features make us stand out on the cutting edge of gaming technology. Reach out to us to know more about our birthday party gaming truck in Los Angeles.