With the advancement in technology and innovation, the desire for manual birthday themes has deteriorated. Parents nowadays prefer game trucks in Orange County rather than booking a venue, deciding on a theme, and then deciding on some games that can rage the children while playing. The limited number of games lowers the excitement for an event that may have been much awaited because of the activities one prefers to do at that moment. 

Now gaming trucks bring solutions to everything. One may waste considerable time while deciding on a perfect birthday party.

The gaming trucks are equipped with the most advanced technology and various themes that your child will never feel bored of. Here we have enlisted what one can get with renting a birthday party game truck.

  • Interior Design in the Limousine Style

The interiors of our Game Trucks are opulent limo-style, with comfy Stadium-Style Seating.

  • The environment with Climate Control

The temperature inside will provide year-round comfort, regardless of the weather outside! The Game Rock Mobile Gaming Trucks have air conditioning!

  • Under Glow Light and Laser

Throughout the game, our laser lights will change colors. There is also under glow lighting outside our Game Trucks with changing colors for a fantastic nocturnal spectacle. Our light show is regarded as “Awesome!” by children.

  • Seven colossal high-definition television screens

Inside our unit, we have five massive high-definition screens and gaming stations where gamers can enjoy dance and sports games such as Just Dance! Outside, two more gaming stations with HD monitors may accommodate 28 people.

  • Extensive video game library for game truck

We have one of the most extensive and ever-expanding video game libraries on the market. Gamers will have no trouble discovering the latest and best games to keep them engaged for hours, thanks to the most popular video games with more on the way! 

  • Tailgating with satellite TV!

The most refined tailgate party in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas! Watch the big game on one of our seven HDTVs! Play the game and watch it fantastic! 

  • Audio System with Surround Sound

Our audio system surrounds the gamers with excellent sound, with powerful sound bars under each screen for an immersive experience.

  • Fully self-contained

All of our systems are powered by ultra-quiet generators in our Game Trucks. There isn’t any.

All these features make the gaming truck a perfect choice for your birthday, where the children can choose and play from the unending list of the games. 

If you want to book a gaming truck for your event, visit us at LA Game Rock. We are one of the leading game truck companies that provide the best services with technically advanced gaming trucks.